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For the past 7 years Sunshine Pete has been writing and performing songs for elementary age audiences.  Sunshine Pete has written songs related to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in the curriculums of math and science to help youth learn concepts like environmental education and geometry.  In his live shows, Sunshine Pete includes skits, dancing, jokes, and incorporates the audience in his performance.  If you are looking for a show with curriculum ties and fun-times, delivered from a science teacher himself, then look no further than Sunshine Pete.

Sunshine Pete Profile


I love music!  As a kid I learned how to play the drums, piano, guitar, ukulele, and I have always loved to sing.  I am now a 7th grade teacher in Germantown, Wisconsin (click link to see WIsconsin DPI teaching certificate) and I write songs for my students each year.  My original songs include subjects like: shapes, dinosaurs, animals, biology, life cycles, photosynthesis, and more.  I also love to spend my time outdoors!  This is why many of my songs are about nature and adventure.  One thing you will learn about me is I love to have fun! Join me at one of my shows and you will see what I mean.




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Peter Schwantes.  920.918.7383